Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's face it, in our day and age of the internet has become a running source of information that many of us cannot live without. It's on our computers, cell phones, tablets, and now even our televisions. Whether it's our daily fix of celebrity gossip or hard-hitting news, most of us have websites we faithfully visit every day like clockwork.
Nielsen has compiled a list of the top visited website categories visited by African-Americans. Did your website of choice make the list?
Top Website Categories Visited by African-Americans
1) (76%) Social Networking/Blog site
From Facebook to Twitter, social networking sites are all the rage and have a become a first source of information for many.
2) (54%) Travel site
Who doesn't want a get-away? African-Americans browse travel sites for business and pleasure in search of the perfect deal.
3) (50%) Mass Merchandiser site
African-American consumers are a big spenders and are spending more online for clothing, electronics and other products.
4) (50%) Current Events & Global News site
Gone are the days of turning on the television or opening a newspaper to get the news. News and entertainment websites are quick, easy and, in many instances, reliable sources for news.
5) (44%) Health, Fitness & Nutrition site
These sites have become great additional sources for doing the body better. They're quick and easy and can be a tool for doctors to get out information to the public about health and fitness.
6) (39%)Sports site
The sports industry has grown tremendously and so have online sports sites. With up-to-the-minute scores and the latest news on just about every sport, African-Americans visit these sites frequently.
7) (37%) Coupons/Rewards site
It feels good to save a buck or two. African-Americans are taking advantage of online savings by visiting these sites.
8) (37%) Broadcast Media site
You don't need a television to watch television these days. African-Americans are accessing these sites to watch news video and their favorite sitcoms.
9) (31%) Financial Info & News site
These sites are a great source of information for keeping up with investments and helping African-Americans get their finances together.